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Filling the Gap of Essential Unmet Needs for Kids

By providing Breakfasts, Books, and Basics, we strive to fill the gap of unmet needs for kids in Eagle County Schools and students at Colorado Mountain College. With your amazing generosity, last school year we were able to support seven (7) Eagle Public Schools, provide book scholarships for 41 students at Colorado Mountain College, and deliver track bags, books and school supplies to Kindergarten and 1st graders in three (3) elementary schools. Through the kids and students, we demonstrate our appreciation for parents whose hard work makes our lives here in the Vail Valley so rewarding and enjoyable. Your continued support will allow us to carry forward the CMA Legacy Society’s work of helping young people reach their full potential.

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Changing lives for the better by providing breakfasts, books, supplies, activity fees and other school needs directly to students. Thanks to our generous donors, since 2015 we have provided...

Breakfasts provided
Dollars awarded to CMC for book scholarships
Track bags and supplies distributed
Funds raised