CMA builds Positive Power for Students

“Filling the Gap” continues for students in the Vail Valley through the CMA Legacy Society, thanks to your support. We are meeting needs that bridge the physical and social emotional gaps that can keep students from being established for success.

The Positive Power Program at Berry Creek Middle is a course we are supporting that reaches students both in school and after school with inter- and intra-personal lessons in esteem, control and resourcefulness, among other essential life skills.

Alexa Maestranzi shared with us, “I am a counselor at Berry Creek Middle School and this program has been a great addition to the school activities both during the day and after school hours. The students have created connections with one another that they would not have otherwise made.

I see this program as being important because it allows those who have not found their niche to feel like they do belong somewhere and to something. In addition to the belonging and connection, this program ultimately builds the student’s character and teaches them the values, boundaries, and skills to be successful in the community. A lot of our students have seen instability and this is one thing that they can count on and helps them overcome those challenges they will face. We love having this program and Kym Rock as part of our school family!”

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