The Club: Cordillera Motorcycle Association (CMA)

The Cordillera Motorcycle Association began as a group of avid adventurists dedicated to traveling the world in a quest to find scenic roads, unpaved trails, fresh powder, and much more. Its motto, “growing old disgracefully”, continues as its enthusiastic members continue to explore and enjoy. Originally, anyone who knew what a motorcycle was could join the association. Over time, jeeps were added to the mix. The Club is inclusive to all and operated with no rules and no committees. Weekly rides, overnight excursions, annual trips to Creede, the Boy’z Golf Outing, and the CMA Ski Week are signature events. New ideas regarding activities and events are always welcome!

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The Foundation

The idea for a charitable arm to the Cordillera Motorcycle Association came after a CMA Boy’z golf trip to Durango. Over cigars, the group decided to donate all the betting proceeds and more to support junior golf in the Valley. According to CMA co-founder, Bob Schmidt, “… this group of folks who’d assembled in the name of fun, was a pretty good crowd. In ’03 the winners of a Cordillera golf tournament were challenged to donate 10% of their winnings to the Vail Valley Junior Golf League. Soon after, everyone gave all of their prize money to the charity and even those who didn’t win threw in funds to support the cause.” Noting how fun (and easy!) it had been to help out, the decision was made to start a foundation with the mission: “to enhance the quality of life for Vail Valley residents.” In 2004, the Vail Valley Motorcycle Foundation was registered as the charitable arm of the CMA. Guided by that same spirit of camaraderie, adventure and fun, combined with a sincere desire to give back, the VVMF provided over $2M in charitable support across the Vail Valley for over a decade. While the original contributions were widespread and determined through a grant system, in 2009 the focus was narrowed to supporting kids in the public school system and students enrolled at Colorado Mountain College.

Why a Legacy Society?

The tournament-style, multi-day golf events, followed by a night of entertainment, silent auctions, paddle raising and dinner with friends had run its course by the last Rider Cup in 2014. The desire to continue to give back had not. Building upon the foundation’s legacy of appreciation for the broader community of locals who contribute significantly to the quality of life here in the Valley, the CMA Legacy Society was launched in late August 2015. The Society realized that the VVMF was making a real difference in the lives of kids and the community. With an emphasis on simple fundraising, tangible support, and fun, our Vision and Mission remain essentially the same: To help kids in the Vail Valley achieve their full potential by tangibly and directly providing basic, unmet needs such as food, books, school supplies, and more. Our focus remains on kids at Eagle Public Schools (EPS) and students at Colorado Mountain College (CMC) in Edwards. Our motto is to FILL THE GAP and our values include community, camaraderie, fun and “feeling good by doing good”! Without a “fundraising event”, but instead via word-of-mouth and an informational cocktail party, the CMA Legacy Society raised over $70k and was able to maintain its support for CMC and EPS for the 2015-2016 academic year. In August 2016 we held our first Thank You Party to acknowledge our donors and friends from the schools and the college.