• the Kids

    Kids eating breakfastCMA Legacy Society provides breakfasts, books, school supplies, and other school basics for students in need. The stigma from free and reduced meals is removed by simply providing free breakfast to ALL students. CMA Legacy Society has helped put all students on a level playing field at the beginning of each day. Principals have confirmed that this is essential to the students’ success. Federal Free/Reduced meal programs are designed for schools with a free and reduced meal percentage of 70-100%. The CMA Legacy Society fills the gap at Eagle Public Schools where some Free/Reduced percentages are just below that at 45-65%. "We could not run our Breakfast in the Classroom program without the funds from the CMA Legacy Society," says Amy Vanwel, Principal at Berry Creek Middle School. Checks are delivered personally to the Principals at the recipient schools to cover the costs of the free breakfast program and other needs that may be identified during the school year.

    At the beginning of every academic year, members of the Cordillera Motorcycle Association ride their bikes to various elementary schools with track bags full of school supplies in hand to drop off to Kindergartners and First graders. This tradition is always full of smiles and joy, and has become an annual favorite among teachers, principals, kids and donors alike.

    Young girl sitting on a stationary motorcycle being supervised by an adult.
    Young girl sitting on a stationary motorcycle being supervised by an adult.
    Children on a lawn reading books.


    he assistance the Cordillera Motorcycle Association provides impacts children everyday. Backpacks, supplies, and breakfast all help kids by removing barriers to learning and giving tangible, essential support


                    -Jason Glass, Eagle County Schools Superintendent

    Eagle County Schools logo

    Eagle County Schools we currently support:

    • Avon Elementary School
    • Berry Creek Middle School
    • Edwards Elementary
    • Gypsum Elementary School
    • Gypsum Creek Middle School
    • Homestake Peak School
    • June Creek Elementary School


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  • the Students

    The CMA Legacy Society provides funding for the educational essentials that are crucial to a student’s success.  Since 2006, CMA Book Scholarships have been given to the Vail Valley’s top students at Colorado Mountain College (CMC). A typical book scholarship awards each recipient with $400-$800 depending on need, and each year helps between 10-40 talented scholars.  Just last year, 27 students received funding to help pay for their books as a direct result of your generosity.
    All types of students are eligible for the scholarships, whether they are undertaking an associate or bachelor’s degree. CMA’s funds have supported dozens of first-in-family college students, as well as non-traditional recipients who are going back to school to reinvent themselves.  By helping these local students obtain their degrees, CMA has a tremendous impact on the community at large, creating a better educated workforce.  Since inception, we have donated more than $130,000 dollars to CMC, enabling 238 students to pursue their higher educational goals and dreams.

    One of CMA Legacy Society's CMC Graduates
    Book with pen on top and Colorado Mountain water bottle.


    our generosity will help me achieve my dreams and goals in my educational career in an effort to become an early childhood teacher.
                                                                   - Sandy


    y awarding me the CMA Legacy Society Scholarship, you help alleviate my financial burden with allows me to focus more on learning. Your generosity has inspired me to help others.
                                                                    - Erica

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  • the Community

    As a donor, you will directly support and help build the educational success of our local community.  Here in the Vail Valley, our student population is diverse in both demographics and economic background. While geographically positioned near affluent communities like Cordillera, Beaver Creek, and Vail, 42.2% of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch (this means their families are living at 130-185% above the state poverty level, or on an income a little over $24,000 a year for a family of 4). Also, 34.6% of our students are English Language Learners compared with the state average of 14.4%.  These are real challenges our community’s kids and students face. Kids who go to school hungry or don’t have access to schoolbooks remain disadvantaged and will struggle to succeed. Our schools and students are supported by active PTAs, committed educators who will not be limited by the demographic statistics, various non-profit organizations, and individual philanthropists. By supporting our kids and students, you are helping construct a more intelligent, innovative, and thoughtful youth that will contribute to the Vail Valley community for years to come. The CMA Legacy Society strives to support the students and kids of the broader community of locals who contribute significantly to the quality of our lives here in the Valley. Donations don’t only go to kids and students; they go to creating a more vibrant and prosperous community. 

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