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Kids eating breakfastCMA Legacy Society provides breakfasts, books, school supplies, and other school basics for students in need. The stigma from free and reduced meals is removed by simply providing free breakfast to ALL students. CMA Legacy Society has helped put all students on a level playing field at the beginning of each day. Principals have confirmed that this is essential to the students’ success. Federal Free/Reduced meal programs are designed for schools with a free and reduced meal percentage of 70-100%. The CMA Legacy Society fills the gap at Eagle Public Schools where some Free/Reduced percentages are just below that at 45-65%. "We could not run our Breakfast in the Classroom program without the funds from the CMA Legacy Society," says Amy Vanwel, Principal at Berry Creek Middle School. Checks are delivered personally to the Principals at the recipient schools to cover the costs of the free breakfast program and other needs that may be identified during the school year.

At the beginning of every academic year, members of the Cordillera Motorcycle Association ride their bikes to various elementary schools with track bags full of school supplies in hand to drop off to Kindergartners and First graders. This tradition is always full of smiles and joy, and has become an annual favorite among teachers, principals, kids and donors alike.

Young girl sitting on a stationary motorcycle being supervised by an adult.
Young girl sitting on a stationary motorcycle being supervised by an adult.
Children on a lawn reading books.


he assistance the Cordillera Motorcycle Association provides impacts children everyday. Backpacks, supplies, and breakfast all help kids by removing barriers to learning and giving tangible, essential support


                -Jason Glass, Eagle County Schools Superintendent

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Eagle County Schools we currently support:

  • Avon Elementary School
  • Berry Creek Middle School
  • Edwards Elementary
  • Gypsum Elementary School
  • Gypsum Creek Middle School
  • Homestake Peak School
  • June Creek Elementary School