the Community

As a donor, you will directly support and help build the educational success of our local community.  Here in the Vail Valley, our student population is diverse in both demographics and economic background. While geographically positioned near affluent communities like Cordillera, Beaver Creek, and Vail, 42.2% of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch (this means their families are living at 130-185% above the state poverty level, or on an income a little over $24,000 a year for a family of 4). Also, 34.6% of our students are English Language Learners compared with the state average of 14.4%.  These are real challenges our community’s kids and students face. Kids who go to school hungry or don’t have access to schoolbooks remain disadvantaged and will struggle to succeed. Our schools and students are supported by active PTAs, committed educators who will not be limited by the demographic statistics, various non-profit organizations, and individual philanthropists. By supporting our kids and students, you are helping construct a more intelligent, innovative, and thoughtful youth that will contribute to the Vail Valley community for years to come. The CMA Legacy Society strives to support the students and kids of the broader community of locals who contribute significantly to the quality of our lives here in the Valley. Donations don’t only go to kids and students; they go to creating a more vibrant and prosperous community.